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Once again, London was awarded the finest city in the world.

The runner-up doesn’t even come close to competing with London as the finest city in the world, which it has once again claimed. London surpassed cities like Paris, Rome, and New York to claim the top place in the rankings by World’s Best Cities, and with good reason.

The ranking’s explanations for London’s success are unambiguous and include the following: “For the eighth year in a row, London remains the finest city on earth.” With the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Royal Ascot, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Mayfair, Wimbledon, Boris’s departure, and, in the worst possible way, the Queen’s passing and weeks of sorrow, this season have been the busiest start in London in more than a decade.

“Of course, more than any other city, with the possible exception of Kyiv, the eyes of the globe were set on London throughout all the turbulence, reminding everyone that London is amazing and it’s been a really long time since they came.”

The population, the environment, and the quality of life for residents were some of the criteria used to rank the cities. In terms of all that was available in the chaotic inner city of London, the nation’s capital was unrivalled.

While many people are turning to Netflix’s newest episodes of Emily in Paris, it appears that the “eyes of the globe” have been set on London in reality. Paris came in second. Even if London’s restaurants were superior, Paris’ restaurants still couldn’t compete with the Eiffel Tower’s splendour or its famed pastries and cuisine.

The rankings went on to discuss London’s dining options: “If any of those newcomers are unable to prepare meals at home, they have come to the right place, particularly at this time when the culinary sector is experiencing a revival following the closure of many of the city’s most renowned eateries due to the pandemic.

The city with the fourth-best restaurants on the globe is once again bustling with high-profile launches like Dubai-based Kinoya in Harrods, an izakaya-style eatery.

New York is a popular tourist destination because of its Broadway plays and brilliant lights. This US metropolis and London share many similarities, and as the saying goes, “whatever they can do, we can do better.”

The West End scene in London is competitive with that in New York, and altogether, London edged out New York in the rankings, earning the US city the bronze medal.

Big candidates including Tokyo, Dubai, Barcelona, and Rome were complimented for their lifestyles, attractions, and popularity after the podium-position cities but they fell short of London’s astonishing seven-year dominance as the finest city in the world.

It’s not unexpected that many of the other top ten cities were sought-after vacation spots for Londoners, and it’s also not surprising that visitors seeking an escape from the “greatest city in the world” would go to other top candidates.

The final three places in the top ten, Madrid, Singapore, and Amsterdam, may have a higher chance of moving up the rankings the next year after finishing in eighth, ninth, and tenth place, respectively.

London has recaptured the top spot in the rankings, and those of us who live here or just come to visit hope that the English metropolis will continue to triumph in the upcoming year.

In a survey released last month by Euromonitor International, the capital had previously been ranked as the sixth-best city in the world, falling short of five locations in Europe and the Middle East.

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