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Watch Glass Replacement: The Process

If you have scratched or smashed the glass on your watch, it’s important to have it replaced as soon as possible to prevent any further damage to the dial, which could prove costly.


Watch glass replacement is an intricate service and should only ever be carried out by professionals with years of experience in watch repairs, especially if you’re dealing with a premium watch such as a Rolex, for instance.


Before you call on an experienced watch repair shop, consider which watch glass replacement service you require:


Watch Glass Repair

If the glass on your watch is lightly scratched, you may be able to salvage it without the need for a completely new glass panel.


Using a specially formulated diamond paste, a watch repair shop can buff the glass on your watch to remove the scratches and leave a high-quality finish that would have you mistake the watch for new. While it sounds easy enough, glass watch repair is an intricate service that requires a delicate eye to ensure that the watch glass is completely even and remains smooth. If rushed, you may end up with a watch that has an uneven glass front or, worse still, more scratches than it had to begin with.


If your watch glass has deep scratches or is cracked or smashed entirely, you will need a more comprehensive watch glass replacement service:


Watch Glass Replacement

A more extensive procedure, watch glass replacement is carried out in three stages to ensure a flawless finish:


Watch Glass Removal: When you take your damaged watch into a watch repair shop, initially, they will remove the damaged glass to inspect the watch face and evaluate the full extent of the damage. In addition to the watch glass being damaged, the face of the watch may have also been damaged – especially if the watch was dropped from a height. In which case, your watch may require repairs to its face, too.


Watch Glass Replacement: Once the damage has been fully evaluated, your watch repair shop will choose the correct replacement glass for your watch to make sure the replacement glass is the same shape and thickness as the one that preceded it. Using a variety of types of minerals, such as sapphire, your watch repair shop will intricately cut the new glass using a diamond glass cutter for a pristine finish. When the perfect replica is complete, it will be fitted to the face of your watch using glue or a specialist compression system, depending on your watch and the original fitting.


Watch Glass Polishing: As soon as your watch glass replacement has been complete, the watch will be left to settle before being polished to get it sparkling just in time for you to pick it up. When you see your repaired watch for the first time, you’ll be convinced its brand new.


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