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Ultimate Guide to Eternity Rings: What You Should Know

Given that the ring’s never-ending design has long been associated with boundless love, it makes sense that the idea of an eternity ring has been popular in recent years. It’s crucial to choose an eternity band that highlights your bond with the person you love while also reflecting their distinctive style, whether the ring is for a man or a woman.

The real history of Eternity rings

The eternity ring, which is seen as a representation of endless love, is one of the oldest types of rings. The concept of the circling ring signifying infinity is whence the word “eternity” derives its meaning. It’s a really lovely idea, but when did eternity rings start to exist?

The Ancient Egyptians in the year 2000 BC are credited with creating the first eternity rings. The Egyptians presented rings as a symbol of enduring love and life rather than simply using them to commemorate special occasions. These first eternity rings were often plain metal bands with a stone put in them. Others depicted a snake devouring its own tail, which is a frequent image for eternity.

What do eternity rings mean?

A gift of an eternity ring is given as a sign of eternal affection. An eternity ring is often a band completely covered in diamonds. The gemstone chain is intended to represent the limitless nature of a person’s love for another person. However, there are many different styles of eternity rings available today, so you may select one that is ideal for that particular someone in your life.

What does an eternity ring signify?

The eternity ring has a very straightforward meaning: it is a band that stands for unending love. Giving an eternity ring has been a custom for a very long time. Today, a person may decide to present an eternity ring to someone they want to marry in the future or to someone they have been in a long-term relationship with.

When shall an eternity ring be purchased?

Some buy an eternity ring as an engagement ring, while others give these sparkling bands as gifts on important days like anniversaries or birthdays. The ideal times to gift someone an eternity ring include the following:

  • When you want to spend the rest of your life with someone but are not quite ready to buy an engagement ring.
  • When your engagement ring requires a wedding band.
  • When a significant anniversary, such as a 10- or 25-year anniversary, is observed.

How does a men’s eternity ring appear?

Men can purchase eternity rings, which frequently resemble wedding bands. An eternity ring for a guy would often feature a thin metal band and a row of tiny diamonds in the middle. A men’s eternity ring is available in almost every metal, including platinum.

What does a women’s eternity ring look like?

Women’s eternity rings come in a wide range of styles. Usually, the central gemstone in an eternity band is a diamond. On the other hand, you might choose an eternity ring with sapphire or emerald stones encircling it.

There are numerous distinct styles of eternity rings, and no two are similar. Your preference will largely determine the setting and style you select; alternatives include platinum pavé settings. You should make an effort to match the style and metal of the eternity ring as closely as you can if it will be worn next to an engagement or wedding band.

It is normal to wear an eternity band on the left-hand ring finger, regardless of the design you select. If the ring was presented to you as a milestone anniversary gift, you can wear it in any combination that appeals to you, such as between your wedding and engagement rings.

Well-known eternity bands

Although not necessarily in the diamond and precious metal shape we’re accustomed to today, eternity bands have probably been worn for close to 4,000 years and date back to ancient Egypt.

Famous eternity rings have appeared often throughout history and have been worn by several monarchs and celebrities:

  1. For her wedding band in 1954, Joe DiMaggio presented Marilyn Monroe with a platinum eternity band studded with 35 Baguette diamonds.
  2. Richard Burton gave Elizabeth Taylor two Emerald Cut eternity rings: one for their first marriage in 1964 and the other for their second union in 1975.
  3. In 2004, Prince Felipe of Spain gave Princess Letizia of Asturias an eternity band of white gold studded with 16 diamonds.
  4. Blake Lively, Jessica Biel, Mariah Carey, and Jennifer Garner are among famous people who have been photographed wearing eternity bracelets.

Where to purchase the eternity ring in London?

Purchasing the perfect eternity ring is now simpler than ever. Hatton Garden is famous for being the UK’s diamond hub and hosts more than 350 jewellery stores. Some beautiful eternity rings are ready to be purchased with the guidance of a jewellery specialist or order a unique one totally tailored by a master jeweller in Hatton Garden. Helping you to acquire the perfect ring that symbolises your eternal love!

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