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How Much Does Laptop Repair Cost?

In the UK, laptop repair costs vary enormously; however, there are guide prices for everyday laptop repairs that you can follow when receiving quotes to help you make a well-informed decision.


Power Socket Replacement

If your laptop has stopped charging and you’re confident there isn’t an issue with your charger – which means you’ve tested your charger on another laptop – it is likely that you will need to have the power socket replaced. Typically, you will pay around £70 for laptop power socket replacement, and the service takes just a few hours.


Drying Your Laptop

If you have spilt liquid on your keyboard, the internal parts of your device need to be dried to ensure it works as it did before the accident. Typically, you will pay around £45 to have your laptop dried out. However, sometimes, you will need to have parts replaced, in which case you will pay more.


Laptop Screen Replacement

If your laptop screen has broken, you will need to have the screen replaced. On average, laptop screen replacement for a 15.6″ screen costs £110 and takes just a couple of hours; however, the time required to complete the job and the cost may vary depending on the make of your laptop and whether your screen type is in stock.


Laptop Data Recovery

If your laptop has conked out and you need to retrieve important files, you will need to have all the data from your laptop hard drive transferred to your new laptop or device. Based on a laptop with a 320GB hard drive that operates on Windows, the average cost of data transfer is £50. If you have more than 320GB of data on your laptop, laptop data recovery may cost more and take longer.


How to Get the Best Price


When approaching a laptop repair service, try and be as flexible as possible and ensure you’re personable, polite, and friendly towards the individuals fixing your laptop as it may give you negotiating power later. If you’re happy to wait that little bit longer to have your laptop repaired, you might be able to have a small percentage knocked off the price of the repairs – it never hurts to ask.


Providing the laptop repair costs less than 50% of the price of a new laptop, you should always choose repair over replacement. From screen replacement to a full security update, laptop repair experts can do almost everything to get your laptop working again quickly and affordably.


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