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GRAFF Diamonds: Luxury Jewellery Excellence

A Sparkling Introduction: Where Excellence Meets Elegance

Hey, you know what’s super fascinating? The world of diamonds and high-end jewellery. It’s not just about glitter and gold; it’s about craftsmanship, history, and the intrinsic value of each gem. Now, let me tell you about a brand that’s an absolute titan in the field of luxury jewellery—GRAFF Diamonds. Trust me, once you hear their story, you’ll understand why they’re the go-to place for collectors, royalty, and anyone who appreciates unparalleled craftsmanship.

Did You Know? Laurence Graff, the founder of GRAFF Diamonds, is fondly referred to as the “King of Diamonds.”

A Family Affair: The Roots Run Deep

Picture this—it’s the early 1960s, and Laurence Graff sets out to establish what would become a luxury jewellery empire. Fast forward to today, and you’ll find the business is still very much a family affair. With his son François as the CEO and other family members holding key positions, GRAFF embodies both innovation and tradition. No wonder it has become one of the few vertically integrated diamond companies globally.

Crafting Wonders: The Mayfair Atelier

When it comes to hand-crafted excellence, GRAFF’s Mayfair-based atelier is a wonderland for jewellery artisans. Here, each masterpiece is treated with the precision it deserves. The skilled craftspeople are adept at setting and polishing, turning every gemstone into an awe-inspiring piece. You won’t find this level of intricacy and attention to detail just anywhere.

Globetrotting Glamour: Spreading Shine Across Continents

While its roots are deeply embedded in London, GRAFF Diamonds isn’t just a British marvel. They’ve set up boutiques from New York City to Tokyo, and recently, they’ve been making big moves in Asia. Their stores, each one opulent and elegant, perfectly reflect the brand’s luxe aesthetics. As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve also adapted to modern times by enhancing their digital presence.

Time-Honoured Traditions: Not Just Another Rock

Famous Jewellery isn’t always about the newest, biggest, or shiniest piece. It’s also about history and legacy. GRAFF Diamonds has had the honour of handling some of the world’s most treasured gemstones—both ancient and newly discovered. Imagine owning a piece of jewellery that’s not just gorgeous, but steeped in history and lore.

The Collections: A Journey Through Aesthetic Brilliance

From the Tribal collection that draws its inspiration from ancient African folktales, to the charming Tilda’s Bow pieces designed to add a touch of elegance to everyday life, GRAFF Diamonds offers something for every taste. For those who admire the Butterfly collection, the delicate design mimics the whimsical beauty of this fragile creature.

A Display of Wonders: Showstoppers in Every Sense

Let’s talk about showstoppers. This brand has no shortage of them, especially when you look at the phenomenal 30-carat Fancy Intense Yellow diamond necklace. When this piece was displayed at Paris Haute Couture Week, it caught everyone’s attention. It’s not just about the centre stone; it’s about how each accompanying diamond and gem contributes to the bigger picture.

Celebrating Love: Jewellery for Life’s Moments

Remember, bespoke jewellery isn’t just about the diamonds and gemstones; it’s also about the emotions they encapsulate. GRAFF’s bridal collection is the epitome of this sentiment. With a wide range of engagement rings and bridal jewels, they continue to focus on what Laurence Graff set out to capture—the irreplaceable feeling of love.

Legacy and Beyond: What Makes GRAFF Truly Unique

Last but not least, let’s chat about why GRAFF Diamonds stands out. It’s not just about their exceptional gemstones; it’s about the artistry and energy each piece embodies. Their unique approach to selecting diamonds is more than just assessing its value—it’s about understanding its soul. The combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology serves to amplify their vision, making each jewel truly extraordinary.

Final Thoughts: Why Settle for Less?

When it comes to luxury jewellery, GRAFF Diamonds is in a league of its own. With its combination of family values, exceptional craftsmanship, and a global presence, the brand has carved a unique niche for itself in the jewellery industry. So, why settle for anything less when you can have a GRAFF masterpiece?


  1. What makes GRAFF Diamonds unique? Family-run with unmatched craftsmanship.
  2. Where is GRAFF’s main atelier? Located in the heart of Mayfair, London.
  3. How does GRAFF source its diamonds? Vertically integrated from mining to retail.
  4. Who is the current CEO of GRAFF? François Graff holds the position.
  5. What collections has GRAFF launched recently? Tribal, Butterfly, and Tilda’s Bow in 2021-2022.

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