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Solitaire Ring for UK Proposals – A Guide

In the heart of every love story, there lies a moment that stands the test of time – the proposal. Across the United Kingdom, from the historic streets of London to the serene landscapes of the countryside, the choice of an engagement ring plays a pivotal role in this life-altering event. Among the options available, the solitaire ring emerges as a beacon of elegance and simplicity that captures the essence of an everlasting bond. This cherished choice, a solitaire diamond ring, stands not merely as a piece of fine jewellery but as a testament to timeless love and commitment.

Introduction to Solitaire Rings

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is akin to navigating through a sea of stars, each twinkling with its unique story. Amidst this celestial dance, the solitaire ring shines the brightest, embodying the purity of a single love story. At its core, a solitaire ring is defined by its simplicity – a single stone, cradled in a setting that accentuates its brilliance without additional embellishments. This minimalist design philosophy resonates with those who seek elegance in simplicity, making it a classic choice for proposals.

Fun Fact: Did you know that over 18 million Britons have found their forever symbol of love in a solitaire engagement ring? This trend not only highlights the ring’s popularity but also its significance in the British culture of love and commitment.

What is the Definition of a Solitaire Ring

Imagine the solitaire ring as a solitary lighthouse, guiding ships to a safe harbour with its singular beacon of light. Similarly, the solitaire engagement ring focuses all attention on the central gemstone, usually a diamond, allowing its natural beauty and sparkle to take centre stage. This ring style celebrates the gemstone’s purity and brilliance, with a ring setting designed to maximise light reflection, enhancing the stone’s natural splendour. Whether it’s a platinum solitaire ring or a setting in white gold, the metal complements the gemstone’s radiance without competing for attention.

The Gemstone Choice

The gemstone emerges as the narrative’s protagonist when embarking on the quest for the perfect solitaire ring. The traditional choice, a natural diamond, symbolises durability and timeless elegance. However, the modern tale of love includes new characters – lab-grown diamonds and fancy-coloured gemstones. These alternatives not only offer a palette of vibrant hues and ethical sourcing but also allow for a custom design that reflects the unique story of every couple. The choice of gemstone is a reflection of personal values, aesthetic preferences, and the desire to create a bespoke solitaire ring that resonates with the wearer’s soul.

Gemstone Shapes Popular with Britons

The shape of the gemstone in a solitaire ring is like the narrative arc of a story, shaping the ring’s character and how it is perceived. The round-cut engagement ring remains a perennial favourite, celebrated for its unparalleled brilliance and classic appeal. However, the British penchant for individuality and solitaire ring trends has seen a rise in alternative shapes – from the regal princess cut to the elegant oval and the modern cushion cut. Each shape offers a different reflection of light, a metaphor for the many facets of love, choosing gemstone shape a pivotal chapter in the story of a bespoke solitaire ring.

As we navigate through the constellation of choices that define the solitaire ring, it’s clear that its appeal lies in its ability to be profoundly personal yet universally admired. This ring, a symbol of unadorned beauty and enduring love, continues to capture the hearts of Britons, marking the beginning of a lifetime of togetherness. Through its simplicity, the solitaire ring embodies the essence of a promise – a promise that, like the gemstone at its heart, will remain unbreakable through the ages.

Setting Types for Solitaire Rings

The setting of a solitaire ring is its stage, where the gemstone plays the starring role, supported by a carefully chosen ensemble that enhances its performance. Among the array of settings, the prong setting, with its minimal contact points, allows the maximum amount of light to enter the gemstone, creating an illustrious display of its brilliance. Similarly, the bezel setting, encircling the gemstone with metal, offers protection while bestowing a sleek, modern aesthetic. Each ring setting type, from the vintage charm of the basket setting to the contemporary flair of the tension setting, narrates a different story of love and commitment. These settings not only secure the gemstone but also mirror the individuality of the wearer, making the solitaire ring a true extension of one’s personality.

Precious Metal Choices

The choice of precious metal for a solitaire ring is like selecting the perfect backdrop for a masterpiece painting. It enhances the beauty of the artwork without overshadowing it. Traditionally, platinum and white gold have been the metals of choice for their durability and ability to complement the brilliance of diamonds. Platinum, with its naturally white sheen, ensures that the diamond remains the focal point, while white gold offers a slightly warmer hue, adding to the ring’s overall allure. For those seeking a more vintage appeal, yellow gold provides a classic foundation that adds warmth to the gemstone. Each metal brings its character to the solitaire ring, allowing for a custom design that aligns with personal taste and lifestyle.

The metal choice also reflects the wearer’s journey, with platinum symbolising strength and endurance, and gold representing purity and versatility. This choice is not just about aesthetics but about finding a material that resonates with the wearer’s essence and the timeless nature of their love.

How Much Should Be Spending on the Ring?

The question of how much one should spend on a solitaire ring is as personal as the ring itself. Traditional benchmarks suggest allocating two months’ salary, yet, in today’s world, this guideline feels increasingly outdated. The emphasis should instead be on what feels comfortable within your budget, reflecting your financial reality and the value you place on this symbol of commitment. Whether opting for a platinum solitaire ring adorned with a natural diamond or a more accessible lab-grown diamond, the investment is in the significance of the gesture, not the price tag.

Best Hatton Garden Jewellers for Solitaire Rings

Hatton Garden, London’s historic jewellery quarter, is renowned for its exceptional selection of jewellers specialising in solitaire rings. For those seeking the perfect balance between budget and bespoke designs, Queensmith offers a personalised service that ensures a ring as unique as your love story. Harper Tait combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary designs, while Mouza Fine Jewellery is known for its exquisite, custom-made pieces. Austin & Blake shine with their meticulous attention to detail and affordability. Meanwhile, the prestigious Smith & Green Jewellers stand out for their luxury collections and unmatched expertise in fine jewellery. Each of these Hatton Garden jewellers provides a distinct experience, promising a solitaire ring that encapsulates elegance and personal significance.

The Proposal: Ideas for a Memorable Moment

The proposal, much like the solitaire ring, is a canvas for your personal love story. For a truly unforgettable moment, consider the enchanting backdrop of Mayfair or Soho. The Ivy Asia, with its exquisite Asian-inspired cuisine, offers an opulent setting, while L’Escargot presents a cosy atmosphere ideal for intimate moments. Alternatively, a bespoke experience awaits in Hatton Garden, London’s historic jewellery quarter, where you can select or design the perfect solitaire ring together, proposing an inclusive and memorable journey.


In the quest for the perfect proposal, Britons’ adoration for solitaire rings underscores a deep-seated appreciation for the beauty found in simplicity and the enduring power of love. This article has traversed the significance of choosing the right gemstone, shape, setting, and metal, illustrating that a solitaire ring, in its elegant minimalism, encapsulates a wealth of meaning and tradition. It stands as a beacon of commitment, a symbol of a promise that, though made in a moment, lasts a lifetime. The essence of why solitaire rings are cherished for proposals is beautifully encapsulated in their ability to highlight the singular beauty of a love story, undistracted and unadorned.


  1. What defines a solitaire ring? A solitaire ring features a single gemstone as its focal point.
  2. Can I choose a gemstone other than a diamond for a solitaire ring? Yes, coloured gemstones and lab-grown diamonds are popular choices.
  3. Are platinum and white gold the only metal choices for solitaire rings? No, yellow gold and rose gold are also popular for their warm hues.
  4. How much should I spend on a solitaire engagement ring? Spend what feels comfortable within your personal budget.
  5. Where can I propose in London with a solitaire ring? The Ivy Asia in Mayfair or L’Escargot in Soho are romantic spots.

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