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Rehab Healthcare (Rehab HC) is a team of addiction advisors, qualified counsellors and recovered ex-addicts, who have a wealth of experience of working in the field of addiction, dealing with addicts and seeing them overcome their addiction.

We have seen the desperation and suffering heavily heaped upon family and friends of addicts. We have seen that hopeless addict’s soul that was unable to see the light turned around. There is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel and we are here to help you to see it too. We all deserve a second chance. Even if you have missed several chances in the past, we believe in not giving up but to keep trying. There is still a bright future ahead and we aim to partner you in realising it.

We believe that addiction is a huge social and healthcare issue. People don’t usually choose to become addicts. Addiction is indeed an illness that needs proper intervention and treatment. Yet, just like people with mental health problems, addicts are judged and treated very differently to someone suffering from any other health condition.

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