Opticians in Essex

Belson & Sons pride ourselves on our commitment to providing the best possible service to our patients. We are more than just a group of opticians: we are eye care specialists with a wide range of services for you and your family.

Services included –

Standard eye examination
Comprehensive eye examination
Contact lenses
Dyslexia/learning difficulties
Retinal photography
Glaucoma referral refinement
Visual field assessment
Dry eye assessment/treatment
Pupil dilation with eye drops

The group of optometrists is now operated by Leonard Belson’s sons, Simon and Seth, and Simon’s son Ethan. With the wisdom from the previous two generations and many years of experience, our youngest member Ethan has been a great addition to the Belson & Sons team. Together they maintain the strong tradition of family eye care and quality products which have always made the practices so successful.

Feel free to get in touch and book an appointment, or browse our range of services.