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Alternative Accommodation Agency

Alternative Accommodation Agency

The Alternative Accommodation Agency was set up especially to provide help and assistance to our customers at a time of crisis. We can guide you through each stage of the process and advise you on the types of accommodation available to you in your area. When we have understood your needs we start work, finding a suitable hotel or B&B as an emergency solution. We then get to work on finding a more suitable longer-term accommodation solution if this is necessary.

It’s possible for us to obtain quotes from a number of different removal and storage companies in your local area. This helps you to get the best deal. We take on each new client’s situation with a fresh perspective.

From time to time we are required to locate suitable accommodation for elderly or infirm occupants. Many elderly occupants will already have daily care arrangements in place but where the impact of a fire or flood has had a devastating effect on those care arrangements, the option of a Residential Care Home is the only solution. We have a network of Residential Care suppliers throughout the UK from whom we are able to source accommodation options in your vicinity.