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A Clarke Falconry Equipment UK

Bespoke Falconry equipment

Made from the finest leather in the UK, we offer high-quality falconry equipment and accessories.

Know for their strength and ease of fitting, our falconry anklets is a top choice for falconers around the globe.

Handmade from the finest, strongest A grade kip leather, our falconry jesses are stitched with a military-grade thread and are available in Mews type or Flying-type.

Our falconry bags are made of beautiful soft leather equipped with waterproof pouches for bird food, telemetry batteries, and telemetry batteries.

We only use the finest deerskin leather in the world for our falconry gloves. Whether you’re looking for standard size or custom made gloves, we have the best ones for you.

The best quality braid defines our falconry leashes which feature leather washer on the knot end for added strength and protection.

Handcrafted in our workshop, our falconry lures are made of high-quality threads and plastic bead stuffing. Our lures feature a slot in the wing shape and pre-punched holes for wing insertion.

Every falconry tail guard from our workshop is handmade providing both flexibility and comfort for the bird to wear.

Our falconry eyelets are strengthened by high-quality solid brass and will work best with the screw-type closing tools.