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Benefits of using mobile tyre-fitting service in London

Tyre puncture can happen at any time and that is why it is important to know the right service to call whenever you find yourself in such a situation.

In the past, you would probably need to cancel your plans for the next few hours until you can resolve the issue. However, we at Olympus Mobile Tyre Service know how inconvenient and expensive a flat tyre can be and to help you get back on track with your busy schedule, we have come up with a quick tyre puncture solution available right at your doorstep.

This is all you need to know about how mobile tyre-fitting works.

How to place a mobile tyre-fitting booking

 With Olympus Mobile Tyre Service placing a replacement order is very easy and takes only a couple of minutes. All you need to do is call us on 07411448680 and we will take care of your punctured tyre right after you choose the tyre model that suits your vehicle.


How to choose the right tyre model for your vehicle

 It can be overwhelming to select from the wide variety of tyres available. When placing your call, you will be prompted to give us more details about your car model, the type of tyre you require and the tyre brand you are after. If you are unsure, we can help you and give you our expert option based on the car model you own.

How to find out your tyre model size

Tyre model sizes vary depending on the car and to make sure that you are picking the right tyre for your vehicle you need to know the following:


  1. Section width, displayed in mm
  2. The aspect ratio which shows the height between the base of the thread to the rim
  3. Tyre construction, marked with a letter
  4. Rim diameter, displayed in inches
  5. Load index which shows maximum load capacity
  6. Speed symbol shows the maximum speed for that particular tyre model


The benefits of using a mobile tyre-fitting service

 There are numerous benefits when using a mobile tyre-fitting service as opposed to getting your car towed to a garage for the fitting job. Here is a quick overview of the most important ones:

  • Mobile tyre-fitting service saves you time and money

You don’t need to postpone your plans for the day or wait for an appointment at the local garage. Tyre fitting service is a more practical and cheaper alternative because we come to your location and quickly and professionally resolve the issue for you.

  • Straightforward hassle-free booking

The booking is very easy. Just call us on the provided number and we will get going within minutes from your call.

  • A wide variety of tyre options to select from

You can select among dozens of tyre brands, choose the right tyre for the season and model for your vehicle.

  • Expert tyre fitters come to you

Our mobile tyre fitters are experts with years of tyre fitting experience.

  • No hidden charges

You will know the full charges at the time of your booking. No hidden costs.

  • Complete fitting service

While using a mobile tyre service you will get the complete tyre makeover including fitment, balancing, new rubber valve and we will also dispose of your used tyres.


Why choose Olympus Mobile Tyre Service

 Our mobile tyre-fitting services are available 24/7 and we can come to your location regardless of whether you need our help on the motorway, at your office or at home. If you are in a hurry, we can take care of your flat tyre while you go on with your day. Simply drop us the keys, or we can get them from you – whichever option suits you best.

We offer a wide range of tyres to choose from, starting from budget-friendly options to premium tyres. With us, you can select from a variety of tyres depending on the season and terrain you require.

If you are looking for a mobile tyre-fitting solution in London and the surrounding areas, including some of the bigger motorways, get in touch with us and we will sort the issue for you right away.

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Benefits of using mobile tyre-fitting service in London

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