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What to Expect from a Mobile Tyre Service

The world of mobile tyre services is a complicated one. People run into difficulties when selecting which mobile tyre service to choose because they do not know what to prioritise. You do not want to be thinking about the speed, expertise, tyre options, and COVID-19 measures on the side of the road. It is crucial that you choose a mobile tyre service for your speed dial in advance of an emergency, and that you know what to expect from them when talking to your mobile tyre service.

Tools and Equipment

A huge amount of tools and equipment is needed to change a tyre on the roadside. For everyday motorists, the tools being used are confusing and it is hard to know if your chosen service is using the right tools for your car. There are standard tools that all cars need though and you should make sure that the technicians are familiar with these. For example, if a cone is not used, damage can be done to your wheels.


Nobody wants to wait at the side of a road for hours waiting for help. The whole point of a mobile tyre service is to get you back on the road so you can reach your destination. This is the reason that people choose a mobile tyre service over a recovery. The industry standard minimum promise for jobs within their territory is 24-hours from the first call being made, to you being back on the road. An excellent mobile tyre service will be able to complete the job much quicker than that. Check with mobile tyre services what their minimum speed guarantee is.

COVID-19 Measures

The nation is emerging from the COVID-19 crisis, but many businesses still use it as an excuse for poor service. Mobile tyre services are no different. COVID-19 has affected the way that they operate for over a year now. They should have measures in place by now to not only operate as efficiently as they would normally, but also to maintain the safety of their customers. When choosing a mobile tyre service, make sure to check that they have specific measures in place to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

The Right Tyre

There is no point in having perfect service if your chosen mobile tyre service does not have the right tyre for you. All good mobile tyre services will have access to all sizes of tyres, but this is the most basic expectation. They should also have options tailored to how you use your car, and be able to advise you on which tyre is right for you. An excellent mobile tyre service will be able to advise on tyre selection based on your budget, economy, comfort, and performance requirements.

Your Expectations

Having the correct mobile tyre service on your speed dial is just the start. You also need to know what a great mobile tyre service can do. When you are stranded on the side of the road, having the correct expectations will lead to you getting the best service.  Ultimately, having the right expectations will get you back on the road as fast as possible.

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